Special Love

It’s been a long time and I’ve been waiting
For that special love to come my way
‘Cause it’s you girl that’s got my heart in
Such a tangle I don’t know what to say

In the morning I feel you breathing,
Watch your body rise and fall with grace
Such a beauty, absolutely!
Is this the only place where I can escape?

Don’t waste my time, don’t waste your life
This special love ain’t gonna come round twice
Search through your heart let me bring you home
Nobody ever wants to be alone

Don’t let them put you in second place
You deserve so much more come now show some face
You only got one life so make it count for more
More than you could dare to dream, of this I’m sure

Don’t you listen to what they say
Liars, cheaters, get out of my way
Look inside yourself and take some control
You’ve got a heart you’ve got a soul!

Hey! Hey! Wo-oooh! Na na na na na!
You only get one life, so make it count for more
You only get one chance, of this I’m sure
You gotta stand up, you gotta fight

This special love is here get ready tonight!